A Note We Weren’t Meant to See

On the way to work Friday morning, I happend by a sign in the door of a building. This was one of those full-glass doors, with a solid black bar across the middle. It was the entryway to a residential set of apartments, and opened to a narrow corridory, with some stairs up.

Usually, signs are posted in doors or windows facing outward. But as I walked by, it took me a few steps before it registered that the sign was actually not intended for public consumption. I saw the sign, but realized later that it was actually just the marker bleeding through the page – the sign was meant for the tenants in the building.

So, I took my camera out and snapped this shot: a sign on the door that was intended for the people on the other side of the door.

If it’s too hard to read, I went ahead and darkened the image more, and flipped it around here.

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