More Important Than Money: What Motivates Us

This is a captivating video of a talk by Dan Pink on what motivates our work. The pacing and myriad of examples he presents is really fascinating, and pretty eye-opening. Money, it turns out, isn’t as much of a motivator as we thought. This is a great video, and absolutely worth the ten minutes it’ll take to watch.

Interesting thing: this video wasn’t animated by Pink, but it looks like it was done by RSA (who animated a talk by Pink). I’m not all that familiar with the organization, but they’ve got a series of videos in this same style (animations of talks done by others).

In watching this video, I’m very much reminded very much of an excerpt I saw, from a talk by Guy Kawasaki (who worked as an evangelist at Apple in the 1980’s), encouraging people to “make meaning, not money.”

[via Justin S and Chris]

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  1. This is the ted talk that I’m presenting next wednesday at work, what a coincidence. :)

    Liz Reply

  2. I saw that Pink video just the other day and loved it too! Hadn’t seen the Kawasaki video — thanks for the link.

    Lynn Stevens Reply

  3. Wow, the animated video was captivating, the images made me pay attention, whereas in the TED video he yells around like a jerk…

    Louis Reply

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