Roman Blinds

On Sunday, Liz called me in to the kitchen. She had been drilling a bit, and I had thought she was setting up some blinds for the window. When I walked in, I discovered what Roman Blinds are.

Here’s the window, with the blinds partly open.

The fabric was actually purchased from Ikea. This is Liz’s favorite bird of the bunch.

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  1. Once again, Liz has taken the cake! Those are fabulous. Were they hard to make? I’ve been wanting to make drapes for our living room for a while, but it seems like such a pain…

    Marty J. Reply

  2. Wow – what a lovely blind! Would love to know how you did it! :)

    Serena Reply

    • Serena, you should contact my wife, as she’s the one who created the blinds. She’s got her own website (though she mostly posts sewing-related projects).

      avoision Reply

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