Derren Brown Takes on Nine Chess Masters, Simultaneously

Derren Brown, famous mentalist and mind-trick guy, challenges 9 chess masters… simultaneously.

And the amazing thing? He ends up winning more than he loses. I guess this is an old trick, but still fun to watch Brown in action. All the YouTube videos I could find of this had the embedding disabled, so you’ll have to view the video on YouTube.

If you haven’t heard of Derren Brown, he’s been doing tons of fun stuff like this for ages now. I wish I could track down more of his DVD’s (none seem to be on Netflix, currently). I think his shows are mainly in the UK. Might be looking into buying some of his TV shows.

Some other fun videos to check out of Derren Brown in action:

The Russian Scam, where he uses suggestion to convince people to give him their wallets, cellphones and keys.

Paying with Paper, where he tries to pay for items using blank pieces of paper.

And finally, there’s him buying the perfect gift for Simon Pegg. FYI the video here is absolutely horrible, but worth watching. Half the video is devoted to the buildup, where the gift is revealed to Simon Pegg… but the amazing part is the explanation, at the end of the video.

// Edit: Can’t seem to find any of his DVD’s, even on Amazon. Weird. Anyone have any suggestions?

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