Video Overload

Apologies for the video-overload this week. It’s been a bit busy at work, so I’ve had precious little time to do anything blog related. I’ve got a good number of photos and videos from last week’s vacation in Florida, but that’ll have to wait for some future day.

In the spare time I’ve got, I’ve been trying to slowly work on my Awesome Foundation grant project. Making progress surely but slowly… though I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend, when I can have some dedicated hours to put towards it.

It’s funny – we’re about to leave February and crest into March, but to me… April already feels like it’s arrived. Much of what I’m working on is designed to be launched for National Poetry Month (April). Though we’re just beginning March, I feel like I’m in an all-out sprint for April. So much time, so little to do.

Wait. Strike that. Reverse it.

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