Found Bracelet, One Year Later

About a year ago, I noticed a small bracelet, dangling from a small branch on a tree near our apartment. At the time, I thought it was kind of an odd placement (the branch it was on was super small, and I couldn’t tell if it was put there on purpose, or left there accidentally).

When I first saw it, I didn’t have my camera on me. This was at over a year ago, more or less. I know that I’ve seen snow on the ground and this thing still on the tree. In the months between then and now, I either haven’t had my camera on hand me or haven’t remembered to look. I tried taking a photo with my phone once or twice, but they never came out.

It’s been there this whole time, literally just hanging out.

Last weekend, I happened to be walking by with a camera (finally). What surprised me at first was the color: I remembered it being a dark brown. Instead what I found was a muted tone, as though the bracelet was slowly trying to disappear into the tree.

When I first saw the bracelet, I’m pretty certain all the squares contained an image on them. To be honest, I was still surprised to see any images still on the thing. It’s amazing to me that exposure has worn away the paper images, but the thin strands holding the bracelet together have survived, intact.

Looking at these photos now, it makes me think about time and how it can change us. And how sometimes, surprisingly, we find ways to persevere against external forces.

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