Hypnotic Mushroom Sorting Video

Guaranteed, this is the best mushroom processing video you’ll see all year.

Havatec is a company that’s gotten the mushroom production line thing pretty much down pat, seeing as how they can process 12,000 kg of mushrooms per hour. Per hour, people!

There are some really ingenious moments, where they seem to be able to impose a bit of order on something that looks like all kinds of chaos and randomness. In particular: using graduated openings to separate out mushrooms into 10 different sizes (1:31) and automatically aligning mushrooms to the same direction (2:39).

Even without the rockin’ soundtrack, I would have loved this video. Can’t get enough of this kind of stuff.

Havatec, your partner for uniform, high quality mushrooms every day, every week, every year.

PS: You can see a few more production videos (mostly involving flowers) on their YouTube Channel.

[via MetaFilter]

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