Cinemagraphs, Animated GIFs, and the Rise of the Moving Still Image

A recent post on MetaFilter got me browsing through a lot of animated .gifs, and introduced me to the newer format known as cinemagraphs. I’ve been seeing them around for a while, but just never knew they had their own cateogry/name.

Popularized by sites like Cinemagraph and If We Don’t, Remember Me… the animated .gif format takes on a classier and at times artsy kind of role.

Interestingly enough, I’m starting to see animated .gifs in use more on non-tumblr sites. Like in this NYT article, or on this recap of the Minnesota State Fair. And also on an article in The Atlantic, which I mentioned about a week ago.

If you’ve got some time, I highly suggest looking through this Cinemagraphs Subreddit. I lost a lot of time going through and check out various users’ attempts – and found a lot of them pretty compelling.

// Edit Just realized that an animated .gif is what inspired my Halloween costume from last year. Crazy!

If We Don’t, Remember Me: Collection Of Animated GIFs From Movies

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