Brian Leli: London and a Year Book Release and Exhibit, Eyeporium Gallery

On Friday, I met up with Chris and Sandra post-work, in Wicker Park. All of us were gathering beforehand at a nearby bar, prior to heading to Emporium Gallery to check out Brian’s book release (and the first night of his photography exhibit).

Entering into the storefront, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Once inside, it was the most delightfully eclectic mixture of eyeglass (and eyeball) related stuff I’ve seen. A very cool and inviting looking space.

Many of Brian’s prints up on display. It was cool to see so many of these familiar images that I recognized, from his book and his website, enlarged and in-person.

One of my favorite images.

Brian, talking with Chris near the start of the evening.

In addition to seeing Brian again, it was fun catching up with other EI alums. I got to talk with Ben L, as well as Jose and Laurence.

It was great to see a lot of folks (both people I knew, and people I didn’t) come out to support Brian and his photography. Throughout the night, he seemed to always be in a whirlwind, moving from one conversation to the next. Fun to see the culmination of a project that began, more than a year ago and a continent away.

Brian’s Kickstarter Project: London and a Year
London and a Year: Book Release and Exhibition This Friday

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