Ernesto – A Quick RPG

Ernesto – A Quick RPG
is a very basic game, compressing what you would expect from an RPG into a packed four levels. Despite the easy controls (all you do is trace a path for Ernesto to undertake), it’s remarkably challenging. I’ve been playing this off and on for a while now, and still haven’t beaten the final level.

Both Ernesto and the creatures he encounters will attack one another, but different monsters do different damage. There are med kits aplenty, as well as traps (and tools to help you avoid traps).

Items will help you, monsters will hurt you. And for fun, there are a few mystery tiles that might contain nothing, or a pit. Luckily, there are also crystal balls that let you peer into the unknown.

Your goal is to navigate each level so that you avoid killing Ernesto, and hopefully power him up enough to be able to defeat the dungeon god. Again, the controls are surprisingly easy… but the game is tough, and punishes impulse decisions.

One nice thing though, is that you can backtrack in your path if things go awry. But if Ernesto dies, you have to start all over again.

My one complaint is with the sound. I personally don’t mind the sound effects, but if you have the sound on you’ll likely annoy anyone else within earshot. Maybe click that mute button in the bottom left corner.

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