You Are Beautiful: Kickstarter Book Arrives

Last year, I helped fund You Are Beautiful’s Kickstarter campaign to document the project’s 10-year history. And sometime last week, I was delighted to see this large package arrive at my doorstep.

I’ve been a fan of the project for many years now, and discovered my first sticker during my first year of the blog – way back in 2002. It’s been amazing to see how much the project’s grown in the last ten years, and how one little sticker with three words has spread out all across the world.

// Edit: Recently, there’s a new YAB installation on Lake Shore Drive southbound – and it’s something I pass, each time I drive down to the house. Yet again, another moment where the sticker shows up when I least expect it to.

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, I received a copy of the book, a set of backer stickers, and a 3″ x 18″ hand cut wood edition of “You Are Beautiful.”

For those who may remember, Matthew has some small degree of skill with a blade.

You Are Beautiful is a lovely project, and one you should get to know if you haven’t heard of it. I invite you to check out their website, and if you’re so inclined… you should get yourself some stickers too.

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