Smallpools: Dreaming

Confession time: I first heard about Smallpools a while ago, when their EP came out (late 2013). And recently, they released a full album. Which I’ve listened to a bit on Rdio.

I don’t usually listen to this type of pop music, but the song Dreaming has some really catchy moments. I found myself returning to this one song (and also Killer Whales) with some frequency.

I kind of hate the video. But it’s the best version of the song online, so there you go. I’m not overly proud of the fact that I’m listening to these songs, because they’re just so damn exuberant and happy. And the type of music I gravitate towards is typically much more mellow and slower.

I haven’t been looping this songs, really. But mostly I seem to cue them up when I’m walking to work. It kinds of feels like a bit of coffee.

That is, before I actually get my coffee.

Don’t judge me.

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