Pager Duty Perk

This past week, I’ve been on “pager duty” for work. Of the various FEDs (Front End Developers) we have at work, each of us takes on the pager for a week at a time. In the past, this came out to a rotation of about once every three months or so. With a recent combination of teams, it’s now spread around more people – and more like once every 5 months or so.

It’s been fairly quiet of late, and the only real change to my schedule is to ensure that I check to see if any messages come through from 8:00AM – 10:15 PM every day (we have an offshore team that takes over at that time). Of course, I have to have my laptop nearby. And a kind of constant awareness of the closest wi-fi spots, should I ever leave the house. But all in all, nothing too strenuous.

One nice perk: I got to load up my Augur Android app on the device, since we recently switched from a Blackberry to a newer Galaxy S5.

For my Android version of the app, I’d done most of my testing using friends’ devices. The core files were pretty much identical to the iPhone version, save that I used PhoneGap Build to create the Android version.

It’s been nice to spend a little more time with the app on a completely different device, and to see that it’s running well. A nice silver lining, to go with having the pager for a week.

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