Supporting Quincy

When we picked up Quincy and Phineas at Liz Rench’s place, we learned that Quincy was struggling a little bit. As of Saturday evening, he started to have problems with his balance, and couldn’t really keep himself upright.

Liz R helped prop him up a little bit, and that seemed to make things a bit better. But this was a distressing turn for the worse.

At the end of May, Quincy had a similar episode where I found him one morning unable to right himself. He struggled to sit upright, and eventually just gave up for most of the morning.

This spell passed, but it seems that it’s returned – and he’s having either dizziness problems, or his back legs simply aren’t strong enough to help him move around.

On the car ride home, Liz held Quincy in her lap in an attempt to keep him a little more stable.

While Quincy came out a bit for dinner, he largely hid in the Bunny cottage for most of the night. His appetite was low, and despite attempts on our part to prop him up with a pillow… he just wanted to hide out.

It was a really distressing thing to see, and we’re a bit concerned that given his old age (he’s 12), he may increasingly have more days like this.

Quincy, the Old Man
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