Linying: Paris 12

While skipping over the “New Releases” on Spotify over the last few days, I happened across an artist named Linying. I started listening to her EP, Paris 12, and got hooked on the title song.

I find it odd that her music isn’t really the type of thing I normally go for. But her voice is lovely to listen to, and I found myself listening to the next song on the EP. And the next and the next.

The songs are very melodic, and so far that’s what I’ve been focusing on (I seem to hear music first, and lyrics second). I will say that the few times I’ve pushed past the notes to check out the words, I’ve liked what I’ve heard.

For now though, the whole EP is something I’ve got looping in the background.

It’s a rainy, gloomy kind of day today. Thunderstorms this morning, with a lot of clouds and fog this afternoon. Paris 12 seems like an appropriate soundtrack for the day.

You can listen to the whole EP on SoundCloud. A few other listening options can be found here.

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