Helping Prep Rooms in Valpo

Bob and Julie have been hard at work all week, geting things ready and set up for the crew they hired to put in new floors for their house. For the past few days, they’ve been able to keep a day ahead of the floor guys, but things started to get a little tight.

I got a text from Bob on Friday, and after work I ended up swinging by Valpo as an extra pair of hands. On arriving, I found a lot of the new floor installed, with lots of extra wood planks waiting to be installed.

Placeholders for the new (big) kitchen island.

A view into the kitchen.

One of the guest rooms.

Another guest room. Part of the evening’s tasks was to relocate the boards, pull up the carpet, the carpet tack, and the baseboards.

Not pictured: a lot of work in the master bedroom. We ended up relocating a lot of big furniture, and pulling up the remaining carpet in that room, and also removing the carpet tack and baseboards.

I was worried we wouldn’t have enough time to get things done, but even with me arriving in Valpo at 6:30PM… we got done with what they needed by around 9:00. We were able to clear out the remaining rooms, providing the floor guys ample space to continue working.

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