Brewery Tour, Pollyanna Brewing Company

One of the Christmas gifts I got from
Liz last year was a brewery tour at Pollyanna Brewing Company. We’ve had several of their beers, and have found them all pretty great – and so this was a nice chance to go and check out their brewery, and to try a few more beers.

Humpenscrump was a beer I happened across last summer, and it became my favorite post-working-on-the-house beer. Acclamation was another tasty summer favorite.

On arriving, we checked in with the bartender. As part of the tour, we each got two 13oz. pours of anything on tap!

We got to get a taste of seveveral beers. Liz ended up going with the Fun Size and I chose The Full Lemonty.

It was a very small/intimate tour, and I didn’t go crazy with photos. Here’s a quick shot of the fermentation tanks.

While the tour touched on the beer making process, a lot of the info revolved around Pollyanna’s decision to go with this particular space (in Lemont) – the benefits as well as the challenges with operating within a space originally designed for a restaurant.

I spotted a calendar from Good Beer Hunting, and was reminded of my encounter with Michael Kiser, many years ago. This makes two instances I’ve run across Good Beer Hunting so far in January, as I happened across a MeFi post a few weeks back. Small (beer) world.

Post-tour, Liz and I got our second drinks. She went with Eleanor and I had a Maple Fun Size.

My wife gives the best Christmas gifts!

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