Long Weekend

It’s nice to be in the midst of a long weekend, this weekend. The last two months, there’s been a big push on a large feature at work, which our entire team has been focused on. It’s a large, company-wide initiative and our main goal was to complete work by Labor Day – which we did.

The last few weeks have also seemingly been pretty busy, with bits of house work to do after the actual work day. And full, busy weekend days on top of those.

I ran some errands this morning and did some light yardwork today. But all of those things were fairly quick. Despite the heat, the time outside was brief and I got the yard mowed in pretty short order.

I’m happy also to say that the severe neglect of our yard hasn’t been too detrimental. With some of our recent trips and busy weekends, I hadn’t been on top of watering the lawn… and it was really starting to look crispy. So much so that I began to worry our lawn was wrecked.

Thanks to a lot of rain, and (per Bob’s suggestion) a round of “Weed and Feed”… the yard’s really come back. It looks relieved, in a way that I’ve felt this weekend. A moment of calm and exhalation, after a tumultuous period.

Yesterday was a full work day here at the house with Bob. While I’m glad we got a house day in, I’m doubly glad to have a time to rest and recharge. With one day down, this long weekend actually feels like a normal, regular weekend for once.

[CC photo via Dafne Cholet]

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