No Parking, Seriously

There’s been a lot of road work these last few months in Hyde Park. There are a lot of frustrations that I’ve heard from other residents – the ongoing work, the piles of debris still in the streets, the problems caused by the roadwork and the subsequent follow-up repairs.

What’s been especially frustrating for everyone is that along our street, we’ve had numerous “No Parking” signs, where the date ranges spans an entire month. They went up in July, and during that time… 3 weeks or so went by where no work happened. People began parking on the street, and some even tore down the old signs.

A new “No Parking” sign went up in August, again with a month-long span. The work seemed to only take a few days, and so folks began to eventually ignore the signs. The problem for most residents is that few have driveways (we’re fortunate because we have one). So needing to relocate your car every morning, and finding the limited parking spots in the area, has been a problem.

We have yet another series of “No Parking” signs up, but I noticed that they weren’t held up with just string. They were wrapped quite thoroughly in plastic, because I think residents have just gotten to tearing them down.

Here’s to another month…

Early Morning Roadwork
Roadwork Begins

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