Ten Best Days of 2018

Ever since 2003, I’ve been keeping track of what I felt were the Ten Best Days of a given year. Since I’ve mostly been consistent in terms of daily updates on this blog… I’ve got an easier time than most, when it comes to looking back on the previous year.

2018 had a lot of fun and significant events. It’s hard to believe that I’ve now got about 150 entries of these kinds of days, spanning 15 years.

This blog is a weird animal – part diary, part photo album, part historical archive. It’s nice to be able to glance back, and see not only the days from 2018 but all the days from all the other years. I got a little lost, sifting through some of those older entries… and I hope that if you find this, you get a little lost as well.

Ten Best Days: 2002 – 2018

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