A Productive Day

Had a really good, productive day today. I feel like it’s worth noting because I don’t know that I’ve felt this way after work in a long while.

Things have been busy, and we’ve been pushing against an end of March deadline for some time now. And despite a lot of extra hours last week, I didn’t feel like I got all that much done.

To make things worse, I couldn’t really account for why it felt like I didn’t get as much done. I felt busy, I know I made some good contributions, but ultimately didn’t post up very many points in the last sprint. To add to that confusion, I felt pretty good about the work I was doing (and even felt faster and more comfortable than I have in the past about my work).

Because it bothered me why I couldn’t explain this discrepancy, or even account for my time… I decided to track my time, starting today. I used a generic calendar and began noting what I was working on in 30 minute chunks. Sometimes, I was helping someone else debug an issue; other times, I was in an unexpected meeting.

Looking back, I know that I spent a good amount of time coding today – which didn’t quite feel like the case last week. I made good progress, and was able to figure out a slightly tricky problem related to React and dynamic routing. It felt good (and exciting), to see the outcome of today’s work – knowing that it’ll be in our preproduction environment soon.

Maybe it was my time off. Maybe it was the fact that I had a larger block of time to just code. Maybe it was the fact that I started being more conscious of, and began tracking, my time. Maybe it was just the nature of the tasks I got assigned this week, versus the last.

As much as the bad days stay with me, and as much as I fret and worry… recording the good days seems a worthwhile thing. Just as a note for myself.

[photo via Christopher Gower]

A Good Developer Week

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