Bright Lights

As we were heading to bed tonight, I happened to glance outside and realized… hey, it’s kinda bright out there. On walking outside, I realized that it was, indeed, really bright out there.

I guess at some point, in the last day or so, the city upgraded our street lights. I saw some of the lights (a block south of us) were using these newer, brighter bulbs – but it looks like our street just got the upgrade!

It is… a lot, I’ll be honest. But I really like them. Back when our bedroom was on the first floor (in the living room), this would have been a major problem. But now that we’re officialy upstairs, it’s not really something that we see.

While it’s super bright, I much prefer this over the really dim lights we had before. It’s a lot, but I feel like it makes things safer.

Street Lamp
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  1. This is quite interesting to me as a contrast to what is happening in my town (and maybe throughout New Zealand) , the council has been changing the lightbulbs in the street lights to prevent so much upwards light pollution. It does make the streets dimmer and some areas they need to change the lamp placement as they aren’t frequent enough for the new style to be effective.

    Angela T Reply

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