Bright Lights

As we were heading to bed tonight, I happened to glance outside and realized… hey, it’s kinda bright out there. On walking outside, I realized that it was, indeed, really bright out there.

I guess at some point, in the last day or so, the city upgraded our street lights. I saw some of the lights (a block south of us) were using these newer, brighter bulbs – but it looks like our street just got the upgrade!

It is… a lot, I’ll be honest. But I really like them. Back when our bedroom was on the first floor (in the living room), this would have been a major problem. But now that we’re officialy upstairs, it’s not really something that we see.

While it’s super bright, I much prefer this over the really dim lights we had before. It’s a lot, but I feel like it makes things safer.

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