Early Coffee with Jenny

As luck would have it, my cousin Jenny was in town this week – and we made plans to catch up over some coffee, early on Friday morning. We met up at the Intelligentsia that’s near Millennium Station (the one that I tend to walk by, but rarely stop at because I’m rushing to get to work).

We got there around 7:30, and it was odd to see the place so still (it’s usually full of folks during the day). We were able to get a seat, and caught up a bit about the past few years.

We talked about our jobs a good deal. And talked about being homeowners. I learned more about what Jenny’s new job entails, and that her very international family will be moving (again) and looking to land in London, for the foreseeable future.

Jenny and I also talked about organizing our family’s annual reunion/gathering. Or, I should say, she planted the seed that perhaps we should be thinking and trying to do more about that. And she’s right.

Each year, our extended family would gather back in Indianapolis, to celebrate my Grandma Phoebe’s birthday. Since she was in Indy, that was the default place for everyone to converge.

With her passing, we haven’t resumed that tradition. Everyone came to Indianapolis for her, and with her now gone… the anchor of her presence and her birthday is also gone.

But it’s still important for us to gather, I think. Because, as Jenny and I were talking, we see each other so seldomly. And it becomes too easy for a year or two or three to just slip by.

There are a lot of considerations – who should organizie things. Should it still be in Indianapolis? Money and travel concerns.

It’s a lot to think about, but that ultimately felt like the point: someone needs to start thinking about it. With so many families, in so many cities, moving in such different directions… it’s going to be tricky. But it also felt like we could pick up our tradition of getting together once a year, and perhaps do something new.

While it was an early get-together, it was nice to spent a relaxing hour plus just hanging out with Jenny, and catching up, and talking about our lives. And it’s had both of us, I think, walking away from the morning thinking that all of us (all cousins, all extended family) should be doing more of this as well.

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