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Post Work Planting

Looking at the week, there was a lot of rain in the forecast (at least, there was when we looked on Sunday night). The best day to get the remaining plants in the ground looked to be today, after work. So Liz and I got our grubby clothes on after work, and tried to get as much as we could with the last of the day’s light.


The Inattentive Gardener

While Liz was away in Paris, it was my job to tend to the garden boxes out back. In addition to making sure everyone had enough water, I also was to check on the spaghetti squash, the zucchini, the yellow squash, the beans, and to use as much of the lettuce as I could.


Garden Box Explosion, Box 2

What’s crazy is that for the last four or five days, we’ve been able to feed the rabbits 100% with things from the garden boxes (and from a few herbs planted along the fence). They’re getting a bit less that they used to get, but the quality is definitely much higher.


Beautifying the Backyard, Continued

After work on Tuesday, Liz and I decided to roll up our sleeves for some time in the backyard. Though we were sluggish after the long weekend off, today was going to be cooler than the rest of the week… so we decided to work.