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Yard Day, Trimming All the Things

It’s been a long time coming – but today, Liz and I put some time in the backyard to trim down a lot of overgrown foliage.

On our side, Tippi has gotten out of hand. And honestly, has been out of hand for several months now. While Liz was working on Tippi, I was working on trimming a lot of the tree branches that were bleeding into our area from the neighbor’s yard… and over-shading our garden boxes.


Fresh Garlic

Liz, showing off some garlic from the garden boxes. I knew these guys grew underground, but had no idea there was so much above ground. I feel like the house is pretty well covered now, in case we get a rush of vampires in the area.


Garden Breakfast

It’s been a few mornings like this, and this new ritual feels remarkably nice. As the coffee is brewing, I’m out in my backyard… the air is still cool, with dew still on the ground.


Relocating the Garden Box

Liz has a vision for restructuring our backyard. To even begin laying out that plan, one of our garden boxes needed to be relocated.

This isn’t a final move, but more of a “get it out of the way for now” move.


Backyard Painting Day

With a few dry days behind us, and a few dry days ahead… along with the phenomenal weather we were expecting this weekend… Saturday was an outside work day. On the docket: touching up the fence and painting the garden boxes.


Another Member of the Zucchini Club Club

Apparently, the zucchini had been hit by some bugs, and weren’t really growing all that much. So she had been mostly ignoring them. But apparently not all the zucchini were impacted, as this guy just kept on gathering strength.


Garden Box Explosion

href=””>we built them, these things have really held their own.


Post Work Planting

Looking at the week, there was a lot of rain in the forecast (at least, there was when we looked on Sunday night). The best day to get the remaining plants in the ground looked to be today, after work. So Liz and I got our grubby clothes on after work, and tried to get as much as we could with the last of the day’s light.