Kitchen Designs, Dining While On Call

On Friday, Liz and I took a half day and went out to the suburbs to meet with a designer at Schillings. We’re working on designing a new kitchen, after more or less having a makeshift space for some time now.

We did some preliminary research the week prior. And this time, we met with someone and talked at length about various preferences and options. A lot of this planning is partly to figure out what we want, but also to figure out what space is available for other things like windows and appliances.

Afterwards, instead of sticking around for ice cream, we opted to head back into the city and stopped off at restaurant that’s near us, on the campus of U of C.

Walking around a bit.

There’s this lovely enclosed area, that felt like a secret path.

An assortment of seats and shade.

We went in for some drinks and dinner at Nella.

Since it was somewhat early (we didn’t encounter too much traffic on the way home), we opted to just split a pizza and ordered some entrees to go home.

This was the Bianco Nero: black truffle paté, mozzarella di bufala, grilled zucchini, porcini
mushrooms, and white truffle oil. Though since Liz doesn’t like mushrooms, I only got that on my half. This thing was delicious.

Unfortunately, I’m on call this week. And there was an issue that cropped up that required me to hop on my computer. So unfortunately, for most of the meal, this is what Liz got to stare at.

The issue ended up being something that could hold until Monday, but required some bit of back and forth across multiple groups. Bad timing, but luckily this sort of thing doesn’t happen too often.

Afterwards, we stopped at Dollop nearby, for some tea and a cortado.

All in all, the evening ended up being a more stressful time than we had wanted. Partly due to my being on call, and partly due to me. While it was a nice thing to try to do to end the day, I’m looking forward to going back and having a proper, relaxing time out again here.

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