A Day of Conversation

Bob was over today, to work on the house. I had some work work to do over the weekend, and was planning on tackling that during the day.

Yesterday, when Bob was over, I was running around a lot with my head cut off. Liz and I were both working from home, scrambling to get everything done before our early cutoff.

I wasn’t able to talk much to Bob when he arrived, and was barely able to get two words in as we rushed out the door for our meeting. So today, when he showed up, I went downstairs to chat and catch up a bit.

Bob was on a slightly shorter schedule today, but we fell to talking. And then talking some more. And then some more. And then next thing we both knew, nearly two hours had gone by. And since we were close to his quitting time anyways, we decided to go upstairs for a beer.

And then he decided to stick around after the beer to do some work. And of course we got to talking more, and had another beer. And by the time Liz joined us, we were already well on our way (and she also grabbed a beer). And then all three of us got to talking a bit more.

While we both had plans to do different types of work, that wasn’t in the cards today. And instead, we just had a nice, long conversation that stretched over several hours and several beers. Not a shabby way to pass a Saturday afternoon.

Father’s Day at Lagunitas Brewing Company
Be Careful


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