Welcome, Luis!

Luis was in the Chicago office today! This was a big deal for a variety of reasons.

Luis has been a constant at Grubhub, a part of the team even back before I joined the company full-time. Since about 2017, I’ve worked alongside Luis, remotely – as he was based in Ecuador.

Recently, Grubhub brought him in full time and he was able to travel and live in the US officially. Today – he boarded a train, and Zohair and Shyamal met him at O’Hare.

Only much later did we learn that today was his first plane ride. Talk about big first steps.

Luis, hanging out at his desk.

While he was in the office for a bit dealing with paperwork, he ended up resting at his hotel. But Shyamal and I made plans to hang out with him after work.

The three of us grabbed some beers at Cardozo’s. It was nice to just chill out and settle in, and hear about Luis’ travels (and the differences between Chicago and Ecuador).

After drinks, the three of us ended up walking to a T-Mobile store on State and got him set up with a temporary SIM card for wireless/data.

I arrived back home to find Liz, settling down with a beer of her own. Unlike me, she suited up after work and was doing more demo work on the first floor.

She’s been a torrent of energy lately, and I’m definitely falling behind in terms of hours spent on the house. While it’s not quite as hip as tattoo sleeves, check out those dust sleeves on her arms!

The little work I did: hauling in a Home Depot delivery that was waiting on the front porch.

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