Farewell, Sajit

Last week, we got the sad news that Sajit is leaving Grubhub. He’s moving on to a great new opportunity, but it’s definitely a big loss for Grubhub and for our team.

Sajit’s been Team Lead the entire time I’ve been with Grubhub, and to say he’s been a rock is an understatement. He’s been the go-to guy for so many things, and his departure is really going to be a big thing.

While the team will evolve with this change, it’s bittersweet timing in that with Luis’ arrival we’re also seeing Sajit’s departure.

After work today, several of us got together to have some drinks and just hang out.

L to R it’s Luis, Zohair, Shyamal, Timo, Shane, Johnny, Megan (hidden), Anjana (hidden), and Sajit.

Circa 7:20PM. Let me explain a few things here.

For most of the night, I was nursing a beer. I’ve made poor post-work drinking decisions in the past, and wanted to avoid that tonight. So I was very slow and deliberate with my beers.

And then around 7:20PM, things took a turn. A really serious turn. I think it started with Sajit asking the table “Do you want to do a shot?”

So there was a round of Kamikaze’s. Then a shot of Malört. Then another round of Kamikaze’s (which I skipped).

I think we settled the bill at around this time.

And then, inexplicably, a round of tequila? I don’t know what it is about this team, but things just seem to escalate quickly in the post-celebration phase.

A very fun night. But boy oh boy, am I glad I nursed those beers at the start.

// Edit: The next day at work, everyone seemed to be fine. Whereas I, had I kept pace with the group, would have been an absolute wreck. My coworkers definitely have a higher threshold than me. I think they’re all secretly Japanese businessmen or something.

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