Dining Room Drywall, Continued

After work today, Liz and I put up more drywall along the west wall (where our pocket doors are). With Bob’s duct work in place on the north side, we were opened up to finish the drywall along that side of the wall.

A window pane of liquid nails, prior to the 1/2″ going on.

We got a lot of pieces up tonight, but the last run (across the top of the doorway) left me feeling really disheartened. Liz had found a perfect piece to span that top, and I took down the lengths for where the studs were. But I marked them from the wrong side, so they were all off.

To add to that, we didn’t notice this until very late. When dry fitting the board, we saw a huge gap on the top left. So we opted to cut the board in two for easier positioning. Unfortunately, we cut along one of the joist lines I had incorrectly marked, and so that threw things off even more.

Ultimately we patched it in, and made the taper’s job a little harder. But we also have a few seams sitting on seams, which is not great. But we were really tired, and just had to finish.

We’ve noticed that, as the night wears on, we get tired and start making mistakes. While I’ve been really proud and excited by all our progress and momentum these last weeks, tonight just left me feeling bad – ending the whole evening’s work with a mistake.

The amount of area we covered is really helping the room along, so I’m going to try to focus on that instead. Just not a pleasant way to end the evening.

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