Between Waves

I’ve felt up and down a lot, lately. There’s a push/pull between me wanting to be informed as to the news and the world, versus me wanting to avoid constantly thinking about the Coronavirus.

Lately, it’s been a cycle of feeling sad, overwhelmed, then numb. And it kind of loops over again.

Right now, it feels like we’ve gone through this very big wave. And I feel like I’m treading water in a quiet place, waiting for the next big wave to come. Based on the articles I’ve read and the predictions being made, the next two weeks feel like they will be a very dark time for the United States. The world as well, of course. But for the US in particular, I think we’re going to see some really bad days.

Some nights, I can shake off this feeling. Other nights, it’s just there. Waiting in the distance.

[photo via Tim Marshall]

Coronavirus: the “Doubling Time” of Deaths per Day

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