A Short Walk through the Backyard

After work today, Liz and I wandered around our backyard a bit. Normally, we’ll go hang out on the front porch but today… with the sun out and the grass looking slightly green, we wandered around back.

It looks like Tippi is doing well, and definitely needs a trim.

My sense is that we’ll be isolating ourselves for more than a few weeks. A few months is my guess, and possibly even through the fall. By the time the coasts get a handle on things, my sense is that that is when Middle America will start to larger numbers in terms of infections and death.

Because many states still have not yet issued mandatory stay-at-home orders, and we’re still catching up on the level of testing needed to understand the full scope of the virus.

My guess is we’ll be doing a lot more yard work, as that will allow us to remain away from others… but give us an excuse to be outside. I wonder if yard work will be seen as a luxury, in the months to come.

The mere fact of being outside right now feels like an indulengence.

Beautifying the Backyard
Putting Tippi in the Ground

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  1. Yard work as luxury. Interesting positive spin on that. I’ve never been a fan of yard work, but maybe yeah, it will be nice.

    Hey, I found your blog by revisiting the past by going through the gapersblock archives. I found your site through their link to your post about Millennium Station’s leaks http://gapersblock.com/merge/archives/2014/10/16/bucket-thinker/

    Kudos to you for keeping up a daily blog. I’m subscribing to your RSS feed now.

    Matt Maldre Reply

  2. What a lovely bit of serendipity, and what a lovely reminder of Gapers Block. Thanks for the kind words, Matt!

    avoision Reply

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