Random Yard Photo

Realizing that, with staying in all the time, there’s not a lot of new photos I can share to document my days. Because the days kind of blur by and are somewhat the same, anymore.

One difference: today, I was able to hire someone to aerate our lawn. We’ve never done it before, and right around now seems the ideal time for it to happen. I had to take a photo of the yard, to provide to the service for an estimate.

The funny thing is that this is about how long I was outside: just long enough to snap a photo, and then back in.

I got a phone call from the folks who showed up for the work, stepped outside to the porch, waved, and that was it. Minimal contact, minimal conversation, minimal time out of doors.

Liz and I have been really waiting to have a small little fire out on the driveway, but the weather has always been just a bit too cold. Looking back now on today, with the sun, here’s to hoping there are some slightly warmer evenings in store for us.

Backyard Sunday: Mowing the Grass for the First Time

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  1. This would be a fine yard for croquet.

    Matt Maldre Reply

    • I had never really considered this before! Bocce ball as well, I think.

      avoision Reply

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