Chris Stapleton: Fire Away

This week, I’ve had this song on repeat a lot. I don’t tend to listen to music much lately, as my work has shifted a bit in terms of what I do.

My boss is on paternity leave for a few weeks, and in his absence Shyamal and I have taken over some of this managerial responsibilities. I’ve been paying more attention to the work that’s coming up, ensuring projects are pacing well towards their deadlines, that sort of thing.

I still assign myself some coding work, but it feels like I’ve less time for that in between all the process related tasks. In the small spaces where I’m not planning on preparing for meetings, I’ve listened to this song on repeat.

Stapleton’s voice is incredibly strong. But there’s a part of me that feels like the draw is in the harmonization with his wife, Morgane Stapleton. The sound of their voices together reminds me a lot of what I love about The Lone Bellow, and the way Kanene Donehey Pipkin‘s voice adds to the harmonies. I’m also reminded of how influential Katie Toupin’s voice was, to what I loved about Houndmouth.

Chris Stapleton: Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore
The Lone Bellow: Watch Over Us
Houndmouth: Penitentiary

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