A Walk to the Park

Liz and I took advantage of the nice weather, and decided to venture out today after work.

While we’ve been out a little bit here and there, for the most part we’ve taken great pains to avoid going into stores or being around others. Liz has gone to Walgreen’s once or twice to pick up medication.

We went out to vote, but that was probably the last time we really venture out. Beyond that, we’ve tried to keep things to delivery-only or going for curbside pickup.

There were more folks out and about today, which was nice – but the park wasn’t overly crowded. People kept their distance, and there seemed to be the standard mix of those with and without masks (most folks who were moving had masks on, and most who were settled in place did not).

I drove to the north side a week or so ago, and passed by a public park that looked chock full of people. Few of them were wearing masks, and I saw lots of groups really close together.

I’ve stopped looking at Coronavirus stats, and really have no idea if opening things up again is a good or bad idea. It feels like we’ve decreased the rise in cases, but haven’t flattened the curve enough to warrant going out again. But that’s just a gut feeling.

Going out for a walk seems like a fine extension of our self-quarantine approach, and not much of a risk. While I’m tempted to go out to a restaurant for a drink or meal (in the open, away from others), I’m not yet convinced it feels safe to do so. Maybe I can look at the stats in say two or three weeks from now, and we’ll see.

Venturing Out fo Vote

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