Dinnertime for Phineas and Daisy

Back when Periscope was a thing (is it still a thing?), I used to stream closeup videos of the bunnies eating. It was kind of a fun thing to do, and last night I felt sharing that process close-up.

Lately, the videos I do are pretty quick – a few seconds here and there, maybe 30 seconds at the most. So it felt like a fun opportunity to take a longer video, and just watch Phineas and Daisy do their thing.

Note: for tonight’s meal, we hid a small strawberry in each plate. Surprisingly neither of them really seemed to perk up much, once they found it. Must be because of all the other fresh lettuces and herbs that came from the garden box.

Daisy Eats Some Mint
Daisy Gets Overly Ambitious With the Parsley
Daisy, Dinner
Rabbits and Brussels Sprouts

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