The Sandman: First Look

I cannot express how incredibly excited I am to see that there is a trailer out for a Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novel!

So. Incredibly. Stoked!

I’ve been a fan of Sandman ever since my friend Dipti introduced me to it, back when I was an undergraduate at Indiana University. I spent many a lovely evening, leaving my shift at the public library… walking over to the neighborhood comic store, buying a collection… and then spending a few hours on the front steps of my house, reading as the light faded to dusk.

It’s been a long while since I’ve cracked open this comic, but it’s hands down one of my favorites.

Similar to how Stephen King has hesitated when faced with the option of adapting his Dark Tower series to film/screen, I have a sense that Gaiman had the same hesitancy. But the fact that this trailer now exists (and it looks freaking amazing) has me excited beyond words.

All my Sandman comics are in storage, still. But I’m now wanting to go and dig for it, just so I can re-read them all again. Cannot wait for this to get released!

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