Bird, Bathroom

I walked up the stairs today, and heard a small *chirp* from the bathroom. A second later, I realized something was amiss. Because there was a BIRD IN OUR UPSTAIRS BATHROOM.

I quickly shut myself in with the bird, and called out to Liz for her to get a bucket. I’m not sure why I wanted this, or what I expected to do with a bucket…but this was my first reaction.

Eventually, Liz slipped into the bathroom with me (sans bucket). And then the three of us found ourselves pinned in the same, small enclosure together: me, my wife, and a random bird.

I ended up opening the bathroom window and removed the screen (something I’d not done before today). This made for a small opening for our friend to depart. After a bit of cajoling, he flew right on out… with no sign of his presence, save for a few spots where he stress pooped all over our bathroom.

A few days ago, a squirrel fell down our chimeny. And today, a bird somehow wound up inside the house.

I swear to you, I think Liz is secretly Dr. Dolittle.

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