A Slow Day

Liz and I took the day off work today. With Phineas’ passing, it felt like we needed the time away.

We’re both heavy hearted with his loss, but Liz is having an especially hard time. We’ve lost rabbits before, but there was a particular bond between Liz and Phineas, and it’s been incredibly difficult for her.

This morning, I took Phineas’ body back to the vet (for cremation). It was a long, lonely drive there and back. I talked a little to him, on the way there. On the way home, I was pretty distracted, and got off course a bit.

Once home, Liz and I spent some time in bed, watching TV. She then watched me play video games for a while, which she described as a good distraction.

A lot of what I wanted to do today, for her, was to be that distraction. To give her some pauses, between her moments of grief.

Mid-afternoon, we decided to take a walk outside. And walked over to Small Cheval (which just opened up in Hyde Park earlier this week).

On the way over, we spotted our friendly neighborhood turtle(s).

Outside Small Cheval (I still need to make my way to Au Cheval).

Wow, were these burgers delicious. It’s a bit dangerous, knowing just how close this is to our house.

Sitting outside, we were looking into Nichols Park. And spotted someone else, who was eye-ing our meal.

Watching. Always watching.

Walking home, I spotted this odd electrical outlet, strapped to the side of a lamp post. I guess I know where to go, in case I need a random charge in the park.

Sign of the times.

A stop sign near Murray Language Academy, full of discarded masks.

Much later in the evening, Liz described today as “a slow day.” And I think that’s pretty spot on. We didn’t rush anywhere, we didn’t need to worry about work. We just casually went about things at our own place.

A slow day is exactly what today was. And it was exactly what both of us needed.

Goodbye, Phineas
Turtle Walk

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