Glen Phillips: Grief and Praise

I was browsing around YouTube, and found myself listening to a few songs by William Fitzsimmons, recorded at Paste Studios. From there, I happened to see a link to a few songs by Glen Phillips – also from Paste.

Hearing Phillips’ voice again was a very moving thing. I was a big fan of Toad the Wet Sprocket (still am), and listened to their albums a lot in the last year of high school, and into college.

Philips’ voice evokes for me a very specific time in my life. The feeling is almost palpable, visceral. As strong and as transportive as smell.

I have my share of specific songs that remind me of people, of relationships. Songs that are inexorably tied to a specific event. There are certain albums that define a certain phase of my life.

For me, Phillips’ voice has that same effect.

Though all that you love will be taken some day
By the angel of death or the servants of change
In a floodwater tide without rancor or rage
Sing loud while you’re able in grief and in praise

Listening to Grief and Praise, I’m reminded how much I love Phillips’ lyrics. To me, it’s an indicator of a good song/songwriter when listening to them makes me want to learn the music, and to learn the words. To dust off my very dusty guitar, and to join them in singing.

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