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The Toilet Incident

Fast forward to today, after work. Where I’m in the bathroom, having a little… personal time. When I stand up and flush the toilet, the tank starts hissing and letting out what sounds like a series of loud puffs of air.


Bathroom Thunderdome: Felix vs. Wasp (and Moths)

Did I also mention that we’ve had several (large) moths in the house this week too? And that both of them were also dispatched by me, inside the same bathroom? This is fast turning into a kind of weird Thunderdome scenario for me. Which is ok so far, in that I’ve been winning. But it’s still a little unnerving.


Our Old House Has New Plumbing

This is the back bedroom (my unofficial office). Liz amd Julie cut through the wall here, to give the plumber access to the pipes feeding the shower. I think with this right here, every single room now has been touched by us since our arrival.