Our Old House Has New Plumbing

We got a note from our plumber mid-afternoon, telling us everything was hooked up and good to go. On arriving home, we walked around and took a look at all the new plumbing set up in the house.

I shouldn’t be this excited to see hookups for our washer/dryer, but I am. As soon as we get the basement finished up (gravel and a tremendous amount of concrete poured), we can finally have a way to wash our dirty clothes. I am ridiculously excited at the prospect of not having to leave the house to clean clothes.

Temporary setup for our temporary kitchen sink. The plumber was nice enough to hook this back up for us, after finishing up his work.

Spot for the utility sink, once we have something besides sand for it to rest on.

The main waste pipe – no more cast iron, all PVC.

My forehead feels a great sense of relief, seeing this here. The walkway between the basement to the back is now much wider, too.

Some of the pipe the plumber took out from the kitchen ceiling.

In the kitchen, looking up to the second floor bathroom.

Stubs for the kitchen sink. It’s exciting to see these placeholders, as they are signals of future movement and future addition. We’ve been working and focusing so much on demo and removal, it’s refreshing to see signs of new things to come.

Looking to the SW corner of the kitchen (on the other side of this wall is our 1st floor half-bathroom).

Outside, some of the pipes I cut mixed with the cast iron Bob removed.

The upstairs bathroom. Once the only clean/untouched room in the house, it too is now updated and a little dirtier than normal. This is a curved wall at the top of the stairs. We needed to break through this to get access to the old cast iron pipes. Not sure if we’re going to keep this wall here or not, long term.

This is the back bedroom (my unofficial office). Liz amd Julie cut through the wall here, to give the plumber access to the pipes feeding the shower. I think with this right here, every single room now has been touched by us since our arrival.

Maybe the upstairs hallway remains unsullied. So far.

Liz, testing the water. For not having running water once more, it’s really just a marvelous thing to see. Again, it’s something you take for granted until you don’t have it.

We had a night of cleaning ahead of us. Liz tackled the bathroom, while I worked on cleaning the bedroom. We both later tackled the kitchen together.

After nearly 3 weeks of being away, and having the plumber working on all levels of the house… there was a thin layer of dust everywhere. I guess we’re kind of used to it by now, but it felt particularly worse since we’d been gone and things kind of built up during our absence.

Having a giant sand pit in the basement probably isn’t helping matters, either.

The closet in the bathroom, devoid of shelves.

And a view of the wall behind the toilet. Happy to say that the toilet is functioning, and I guess we’ll just look at this as extra ventilation.

Glass half full. Because we have new plumbing to fill our glasses now!

Filling a Very Large Hole in the Basement
Digging a Very Large Hole in the Basement

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  1. Congratulations, Felix! That’s a huge milestone completed. Gets a giant cross-off on your to-do list.

    Juliet Williams Reply

    • Thanks, Juliet! It really is a significant thing, as it’s one of the major trades that we now can say is done.

      I am still incredibly appreciative of having running water. I know that will fade, and I’ll go back to taking it for granted. But for a while yet, I’m still just super thankful that we have such a luxury available once more.

      avoision Reply

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