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Long Coding Day

I’m surprised to say that I made a lot of progress, given just one day. And that I got a lot of distance covered, with data being fetched from Twitter, stored in a local db, and then retrieved and displayed again. There are still gaps in my understanding, but getting ramped up again seemed to take a lot less time, this time around. Which feels really nice.


Coding Day

Took the day off work today (as my birthday day off), and how do I spend it? Instead of sitting in front of a computer coding downtown all day, I sit in front of a different computer coding all day. Because apparently, that’s what I like doing in my time off.


Code Day

With my approach now, I’m taking a lot of that initial work (searching, parsing) and letting that take place on the server. Instead of bundling it with the app, I’m using a Node server on Heroku, and also storing some database content via MongoDB.