OK, so I’m exaggerating. We closed down early today, and everyone made their way over to Diversey Bowl. Free pizza, free booze, free bowling. I got to talk briefly to some of the other station folk (many of whom I don’t normally see on a daily basis). Had a few beers, bowled a few games.

Like a genius, I join in with folks who end up bowling for money. First game, I played against Justin, Matt and Sludge. Well, the first game was practice. On our second game, we decided to all pitch in $5 to the winner. I bowled a 140, and felt pretty good with the $20 in my pocket.

Next to us, Ben and a bunch of other folks are bowling skins games, based on the frame. Each person chipped in $10 total, one dollar per frame. Whoever got the highest score for any frame got the money ($5 per frame). Fairly innocent. Earlier in the day, Ben and Anthony went toe to toe, and Ben won $20 on that game.

After a few beers, Ben and I decide the two of us are going to play for money. We end up deciding on $1 per point, based on the difference between the winner and the loser’s scores. So far, Ben’s best game was 141; mine was 140. I figured it would be a good, close, competitive game.

I now owe Ben $81.


On the plus side, I think I won something in the raffle. Luggage or some such thing. I think it was described as a "small carryon case." Which, in my mind, translates into "purse."

Of course, I’m kidding with this title. It was quite a good time, free drinks and food, and bowling! How do you beat that? Granted, I haven’t worked in that many places… but the atmosphere and culture here strike me as quite strong. I had a good time, despite losing my shirt to Ben with his 206 game! :swear:

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  1. I can never get enough of this memory. What’s funny is that neither of us had any idea that there would be such a point spread. I had never bowled over 185 (and haven’t since!) — so really it was surprising and i can’t believe you actually payed me.

    ben Reply

  2. “Neither if us had any idea?” Yeah, right – friggin’ shark.If my wrist wasn’t so messed up, I’d challenge you to a revenge match, right here and now!

    avoision Reply

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