The City is Still Sleeping

The odd thing about downtown Chicago, early on the weekends: it’s a ghost town. Barely anyone on the trains at all. When I got off at Clark and Lake, get this: I saw someone moving around on the tracks! I realized that it was a CTA worker, cleaning the walls. Funny – I’ve only recently begun to use the trains more (used to only need the Metra out to the suburbs), so this was the first time I had seen anyone actually "down" on the tracks.

The kicker was that as I walked by, this old guy was standing smack in the middle of the station. Sorta blurry, but you get the idea. He was a rock! Just staring, straight at the guy cleaning. I guess he was as fascinated as I was. :)

For a brief moment here, the guy on the tracks, the old man staring and me taking pictures… we were all doing our own thing. And that thought made me smile the while rest of the walk to the office

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