Sand Game

This is a pretty wicked Java-based game, posted by GHaST over at Twelvestone.

Lots of interesting interactions. Plants grow in water; fire burns oil; water puts out fire. I haven’t fully figured out the sand and cera and salt just yet… but this thing is like your own little virtual terrarium.

The link that seems to be making the rounds is this one. Note that this is a larger version of the original, that someone has hosted on their server (and runs a little slow on my computer, actually).

However, I want to point out that game’s author is actually someone who goes by the name “d_of_i”. The original game (at a smaller size) can be found here.

I’d like to note too that the smaller, original version runs MUCH faster on my machine, and I find it preferable. Using the Eraser option is a totally different experience when you’re on the original.

I realize this is likely a reaction to the Operation Costume incident. But I just want to make sure the original author gets his (or her) props.

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