How Many Imaginary Internet Friends Have You Met?

Ever since I started doing this computer stuff full-time, I’ve hung around on forums a good deal. At first, it was more about finding out answers to questions, figuring out how to do stuff (using Flash, mostly). From there, I’d peek in at the non-technical forums and listen to people jibberjabber back and forth about their hobbies, their lives. On a few occasions, I’d chime in and before I knew it… I started getting into conversations. I started to meet folks, and I started to make friends.

It’s weird to talk about, especially to folks who may not hang out on forums much (or who don’t use IM that often). When I stop to think about it, it’s weird that I “know” so many people, from so many different parts of the world. Of course, some I know better than others. It’s a wide range, from those whose names I recognize, to those online folks who I consider close friends.

Recently on Twelvestone, someone posted a thread entitled “How many Twelvestoners have you met?” In doing my own accounting, it turns out I’ve met quite a few. And, with the obsessive documentation that is this blog… I have most every encounter accounted for:

Moonie – August 3, 2002.

a3dmofo (and Sherrie), FlamingJeff and Ms. F – August 4, 2002.

jverbal, derrickito, z, shuteye, shutette, bons, schubee – October 6, October 7 (2002)

StinkFist, Half as Stinky, arigato, audrey, wyndom earle/ jeremy, Tha.Riddla, chelle, persist – April 25, April 26, April 27 (2003)

rogue_designer – January 21, 2005.

rypunked, WingNut: June, 2005 (never got around to posting my Portland pics)

mingus – October 28, 2005.

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