Taking Isabelle and Jackson to Shedd Aquarium (aka “The Fish Store”)

Today Liz and I went to visit Liz’s dad, who’s in town for work. He also had Isabelle and Jackson with him, and we ended up babysitting for a few hours.

Our plan was to take both of them over to Shedd Aquarium for the afternoon. Or, as Isabelle called it, “The Fish Store.”

Transporting both kids was a bit of a feat, and required the use of a very large (yet very handy) double-stroller. This is us on Michigan, waiting for a bus.

Detail view of the ad on the bus stop, in the background.

While on board, we had to fold up the stroller. So Liz had the fun task of watching both kids while I held on to the stroller/bags.

A very interesting and insightful day today. We learned a lot about how to keep kids entertained, and how easily distracted they can get. Being with kids in a crowded public space is a totally different deal, and something I had never really experienced before.

Let me modify that: being responsible for kids in a crowded public space was something I had never really experienced before. Especially with two, it was like I had to keep my eye on two different things, at all times.

Not a lot of photos today, as Liz and I mostly had our hands full the entire time. If you’d like some shots of the inside of Shedd, maybe check out this post from when Liz and I last visited Shedd Aquarium.

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  1. Ugh – welcome to my world! I can’t imagine how people raise kids in big cities like Chicago and New York. It must make every errand a million times more difficult. Bless you guys for taking them, though!!

    Layla Reply

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