Valentine’s Day Dinner with Liz’s Parents

For Valentine’s Day, Liz and I had her parents over for a nice candlelight dinner.

The flowers (and really everything on the table) were set up by Liz. She’s been working on some centerpiece ideas for the wedding reception, and has been trying out several can/paper approaches.

In terms of prep, Liz was doing a lot to get everything set up. For my part, I spent most of the time in the kitchen and ended up doing all the cooking. For our dinner we had Turkey Parmesean, curried lentils, and green beans with mozarella and pine nuts.

All of the food, I might add, is South Beach friendly (we started back up on South Beach – it’s been about a week).

As a note you might notice Tus in that last picture, trying to beg some food from the table. Liz and I were babysitting Tus for the weekend, while Jake and Jessie went up to Wisconsin for a night.

It was nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a group, and it felt good to have Liz’s parents over to our house for a meal. We’ve gone over to their home so many times (and we’ve eaten so well over there so many times), I was happy for the opportunity to return the favor.

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  1. flower arrangements look great liz! so much so that i didn’t realize those were heart shapes until the second photo! my eye read them as graphics while focusing on the arrangements.guessing wedding colors will incorporate liz-aqua, which would look great on the cans too. :)

    g Reply

  2. Yup. I also have some “Liz-aqua” cans, but didn’t think want to clash with the valentine’s day red theme too much. :)I’m learning that hydrangea’s are fickle, but ohh soo pretty. One minute they’re perky as can be, and the next minute they are completely dead and wilted.

    Liz Reply

  3. funny, isn’t it – for a flower that dries so well as to be called an ‘everlasting’?remind me please (so i don’t have to search avoision ;p) indoor reception or out?

    g Reply

  4. Indoor. :)

    Liz Reply

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