The Blog as Online, Encyclopedic Reference

In the mail, I got a notice from Northwestern – a reminder, actually, that I had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Paul Greenberger in early March.

Greenberger, I thought… Greenberger. Did I set up a doctor’s appointment recently? Was this something related to one of my prior visits? Something about my wrist injury or the MRI I had? Was it related to my sleep apnea or something related to my ear, nose or throat?

In a moment of panic, I wondered if there was some really bad news they had to tell me… and were just calling me in via mail to discuss the gravity of the situation.

I immediately went to Google and did a search of my site. As a side note, if you want search results *only* from a particular website, you just need to add “” prior to your Google search. For me, I looked up Greenberger on my site like this: greenberger

Turns out, Dr. Greenberger was my allergist. And the appointment was something I scheduled last July, when I went in for my 32 Needle Allergy Test.

When I started this blog, ages and ages ago… it really was more of a way for me to track how I spent my days. Anymore, it’s become a mixture of things – diary, confessional, photo album. I’ve since found out that other folks (in my family and Liz’s family) use it as a means to keep up with things that are going on with us.

And today, I surprised myself by using the blog as a sort of online, encyclopedic reference of my life. Rather than look through, say, my email correspondence or address book… I went straight to the blog for answers.

Kinda funny. I bet I’ll look back on this post someday and laugh.

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