In Bb 2.0: Collaborative Music Project with YouTube Videos in Same Key

I came across in Bb 2.0 late in the afternoon, and it simply blew me away. All of the YouTube videos on this page are tuned to the same key, and you can create different combinations just by triggering some/all. It doesn’t matter which ones, or when you start them… and the resulting sound is incredibly soothing, and really neat to see/hear.

This is a great, simple idea – and it’s joyful to listen to. I’m typing this blog entry early in the AM, and to me… all the sounds are the sounds of morning, of waking up.

Among the many folks who loved this site, rajbot created a Buddha Machine version, that randomly loads and loops different combinations, with random volume settings. Check it out here.

Loving the Internet today. [via MeFi and MeFi Projects]

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Buddha Machines @ Ektopia

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